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Garden Swing Cushions

Garden Swing Cushions

More and more of us are utilizing our gardens as much as possible when the weather is nice.  As a result we are all looking at installing furniture that can help to provide a haven where we can relax and unwind.  One particular piece of furniture that is proving very popular is the garden swing.  But in order to make it even more comfortable is by putting several garden swing cushions on them.

If you choose good quality garden swing cushions they can help to take pressure off your back and legs.  So you may find that because it is so comfortable that it is a place that you can really unwind and forget about the stresses and strains your hectic lifestyle are placing upon you.

So how do you go about choosing the right sorts of cushions for putting on a garden swing?  Below we offer a few tips that you may find useful and ensure that the ones you purchase not only look but feel great when sat on.

Look at How These Cushions Are Padded

If you can, make sure that the stuffing used inside your garden swing cushions is made from a synthetic such as polyester.  Should at any time yours get wet as a result of you not getting them in the house before it rains then they dry out a lot more quickly.

Look at What Material Is Used For Covering Them

As you will soon discover when you start looking for garden swing cushions they will be covered in a wide variety of materials.  But you should make sure that the ones you are choosing can cope with the weather and are not likely to have mold grow on them should they become wet.  Although there are cushions which come with a plastic coating they generally make quite a bit of nice when you sit on them.  However, as soon as the weather turns warm you will find that they make you feel hot and clammy.

It is best if you opt for more natural materials such as cotton or hemp.  These type not only feel softer when you touch them but also they help to wick away moisture from you.  Plus of course these also tend to be a more environmentally friendly and so no chemicals will be required to treat them.

However you will find that garden swing cushions covered in natural materials tend to be more expensive.  So if price is a concern considering purchasing those covered in a mixture of say cotton and polyester.  They do cost considerably less plus they are far more durable and much less likely to stain or fade.

It is a good idea however to also purchase some spray that can help to protect your garden swing cushions further.  Just as with the sprays that one would use to protect leather these not only help to repel water but also beverages and can reduce the amount of dust or pollen that builds up on them.  Plus the spray also helps the quality of the material to be retained so increasing their lifespan.  This in turn means that you won’t need to be spending money every year having to replace them.

What Shape Should Your Purchase?

When it comes to buying garden swing cushions remember you want ones that create a comfortable area to sit.  Although the square type tends to cost less they can be quite bulky and so may not provide a large enough area to allow you to sit in a position that you feel easy with.  Instead why not go to a store locally that has these items in stock and try several different shapes, sizes and styles out for yourself.  You may find that a more oval or round shape is better suited to your style of garden swing and so of course really helps to create a better environment for you to relax and unwind in.

Along with looking at the kinds of materials from which the garden swing cushions are made you also need to take into consideration how much you can afford to spend on yours.  Certainly if money is an issue then opting for the mass produced kind is your best option.  But should you have a little more cash it is worth thinking about getting some custom made ones instead.  There are plenty of places not only locally but online where you can purchase these cushions from.

However, before you do make such an important purchase there are certain things to keep in mind when searching for the right cushions for your garden swing.  Below we offer some advice on what you need to take into consideration when buying yours.

1.     Although you may not have a great deal to spend on this item it is best if you purchase all the cushions you need at the same time.  As well as ensuring that any fading that occurs to them happens at the same time so it is even.  You won’t have to worry that when you return to the shop at a later date to purchase more that they don’t have any with the same pattern left.    Plus of course it will ensure that the look you are creating is right and will further enhance the seating and your garden.

2.    It is vital that when purchasing any garden swing cushions you need to make sure that you purchase the right size for it.  So before you start looking for yours it is a good idea to take down the measurements both the length, width and height of them.  This will help to ensure that you get ones that fit the sit perfectly.  If you don’t get ones that fit properly then of course the benefits that you would gain would be immediately lost.

By spending time on this aspect of your garden can really provide a haven for you and your family away from the stresses and strains that our lives place upon us today.

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